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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Chair Bones

I am learning a dance that makes me want to be a better dancer. I want to rise to the occasion if it.

Four of us are learning it: a solo, en pointe, and a sort of tour-de-force. The plan, as it stands, is that each of us will get a chance to perform it. Oh, I hope so. I surprise myself that I love it so. I am scared of it, but in the best possible way. Because it’s so enormous, there are many chances for redemption. I just need to know the steps, really know them. I know that I can get myself to that point, to the place where the brain exits the building so that the body and heart can take over.

It’s just that it’s so fast. Steps are coming at me before I’ve remembered what I forgot a second ago. And yet that’s part of the process, this one anyway.

Today we learned the end. The soft quality required then, after about ten minutes of really going at it, will be a sweet time. My feet will be numb I’m sure. Worth it.

It’s called “Chair Bones”, and I love it as I get to know it. New love. Good.


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