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Friday, January 19, 2007

It Makes Me Happy

It makes me happy to take River Road to the theater these days. I resolve to take it more often…in keeping with my general resolve to slow down.

It makes me happy that I sat with myself today. (Again with that slowing down thing.) I and my internal meltdown did battle, and the good guy won. It was about, as usual, my dancing and my confidence in it.

It makes me happy that I performed well tonight, despite and amid my mistakes.

And it makes me happy that my friend B kicked ass in “Chair Bones” tonight. Watching from the wings, all of us were out there with her. She had some devastating balances and turns. She smiled with real achievement. My heart swelled, and it makes me happy that my pride in her, my total joy at her performance, surpasses my desire to do as well. This is her moment. This sharing makes me happy, fills me up to do it all twice more tomorrow plus a photo shoot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the privelege of seeing the Saturday evening show at St. Kate's this past weekend. I was amazed at the difficulty of the solo Chair Bones, and thoroughly enjoyed the piece. Bartok's music for Strings, Percussion and celesta is one of my all-time favorite pieces of music ever composed so to see choreography added to it was a wonderful treat to me. That in combination with the immense intesity of the dance quickly made it one of my favorite performances I've ever seen.
This blog account was in the program under your bio as I am sure you are aware, and the main purpose of this comment is to reflect back a ways. You did a project at St. Kate's in April of 2005 on Joan of Arc and I used it to write a paper for a theology class I was in at the time. I was recently asked to write a reflection on the piece to add to the file the college keeps. I just wanted to let you know how inspired I was by your performance and how empowering and inspired I found it. Even now I can vividly remember the piece. Thank you so much for sharing that with our college community.
-Michelle-Student CSC

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