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Friday, August 18, 2006

New Process

I started a new piece today! A duet fo myself and N, about running. We start jogging in place, we pause mid stride, we resume, we lunge and pounce.

We partner, engage and detach.
My brain is abuz.
My heart is happy to be creating from scratch.

I like the music, Radiohead.

We’ll continue for a few more weeks then audition for the Walker Art Center’s Choreographer’s Evening. Oh, I want to get in again.

I will work again tomorrow, continuing to map out our course, as a pair and as a piece. What is it becoming? So far we jog, we stop. There seems to be emerging a theme about pouncing on the other’s back. Also an armpit intimacy, heartbreaking in its childishness.

N casts his vote about this moment or that. I listen and apply what I want, unafraid to say, umm…no. Or scarier…yes, yes, that, do that.

Process. Engaged in one. Deepening into my life here on earth. At this end of my day, before my evening begins, I take a moment for myself and plot my uncharted course for the rest.


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