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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


“Hi! How are you?”

“I’m fine. How are you?”

At first glance this bit of dialogue seems to be straight out of a language primer, like the first things you’d learn in French or German.

These are in fact the first sentences I shared with Merce Cunningham whom I just spoke with on the phone. He honored me with an interview for my September METRO piece as the Walker’s bringing him here for a the-world-will-be-watching series of performances in the Rainbow Quarry in St. Cloud. Down in the quarry. Merce on the rocks.

He was unutterably polite, and lucid. When I referred to Cage he said, “John” this and “John” that. Sweet.

He was speaking from his studio, a place where I’ve performed and where I danced something else for filming during my years in NY. Its famous location way west and on the water is always a bear to find the first time. Bethune Street I think.

Can you imagine? Almost 90, wheelchair-bound, and yet STILL in the studio everyday (with the fans audibly whirring even through my cell phone connection).

My sense of appreciation is deep and wide like the quarry. Part organic and part “man-made”, dug out, formed for use.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Penny. I'd still give you an "A" in English. I read a small article about you in the DDN. A smile came to this old face as I logged on to read your blog.

Hope you're doing well. If you have a chance, contact me for a quick catch-up. I'm back in Dayton. Mrs. R

5:23 AM  

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